How was your weekend?

Ours was great!  Friday after work I went right to Jo-Anne Fabrics to do some shopping for my soon to be started sewing habit.  I bought over $100 worth of supplies, but I'm all set to start this new hobby! While I was there my mother-in-law called to see if we wanted to come over for dinner and cake for my father-in-laws birthday.  We had Chinese (chicken lo-mein for me... yum!) and cake and ice cream.  Abby loved the ice cream and was super excited to get her very own bowl.
Saturday we had some running around to do taking care of Mike's car and buying a desk for my newly created crafting corner in our bedroom.  Since Mike has the "man cave" (our spare bedroom is all set up with his computer, video games, movies, guitar, etc) we decided that it's only fair that I have a space for my hobbies as well.  So now I have a cozy little corner where I can have privacy to work on my scrapbooking, jewelry making and sewing.  Abby and I did some fall crafts, we made a big pumpkin display for our front window using contact paper and tissue paper pieces. It turned out really cute!

 Saturday night Mike went out for his buddies birthday and Abby and I had a girls night of relaxation and fun.
This morning we woke up and got ready for church.  Abby went to the toddler room for the first time and she absolutely loved it! She had a blast and didn't want to leave when I went to pick her up after the service.  I'm really starting to feel like this church could be my "home" and I'm looking forward to getting more involved in everything.  I'm picking out a growth group to join (small bible study groups that meet weekly) as soon as Mike decides which night would be the best for him to watch Abby.  I also signed up to help with the blood drive in November by donating blood and baked goods.  On November 7th the entire congregation is taking the church outside to the community by doing small mission projects (cleaning up a park, painting an elderly persons home, leading a worship service at a jail, visiting a nursing home, etc) instead of the normal Sunday services.  I haven't decided which project to sign up for yet, but I'll be doing one of those as well.
After church Abby and I met my friend Karen and her daughter Madison (Maddy is three months younger than Abby) for lunch at Red Robin.  The girls had fun and Karen and I had a chance to catch up over some yummy food.  We're hoping to be able to get together more often, at least once a month. This evening we put together my new desk and set up the crafting corner. I can't wait to have a chance to use it!  Have a great week everyone.


  1. Cute pictures! -Shannon

  2. I'm so glad you're clicking with your church!!! And that Abby loved her class - Parker does too! How did you make that pumpkin? SO cute!

  3. Thanks, Claire! I put step-by-step instructions on my facebook in an album called arts and crafts. :)