Terrific Tuesday!

I'm going to try and make every Tuesday a Terrific Tuesday on my blog.  Each week I want to recognize someone in my life that I think is terrific!

This week... my good friend, Jennifer Bivenour.

Jenn is terrific in sooooo many ways. She's one of the most honest and REAL people that I've ever met. Jenn has three sons that she would do anything for.  I definitely look up to her as a mom and respect the way that she parents so much! She always treats her kids with love, but they surely understand that she's the boss.  While talking to her oldest son the other day about an issue he was having doing his homework (simply put, he didn't want to do it. lol.) I heard her say "I'm not your friend, I'm your mother." and explain to him what needed to be done.  I was so impressed by this simple sentiment. Way too many parents these days are worried about their kids "liking them" and being their friends.  My parents were always my parents. I knew they were mom and dad and they were not to be messed with! Last month after my wedding one of my friends told me how cool my parents were and how fun they were to hang out with... they said "how come we never hung out with them before?" Simply put... they were my PARENTS (real parents... not the "cool" parents that let their kids break the rules) when I was a child... now that I'm an adult and they have rasied me right, they can finally be my friends as well.  I know that Jenn will be the same way for her kids.

Not only is Jenn a great mom, she's a giving daughter and sister as well.  She helps her family out in so many ways and takes on so many responsibilities. She amazes me!

On top of being a breadwinner, mom, daughter, sister, chef, taxi driver, teacher, psychologist, and the million other things she does, she somehow finds time to be an amazing friend too.

Jenn is the kind of person that you can call for anything... whether it's to get her advice on man problems, to ask her to go shopping with you, or to bail you out of jail.  If you are her friend, she is there for you no matter what.

When I say that she is real, I mean that she's the kind of person that will show up to your bachelorrette party even though she doesn't know a single other person.  The kind of person that will wake up early to come over and do your makeup on your wedding day. She's the kind of person that will give you honest and blunt information when you ask for it, but will sugarcoat things when she can tell you need to hear it. 

As does everyone, Jenn has some hard things to deal with in her life... you won't find her complaining about it or sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it though. No, sir.  She's the kind of gal that will put on her big girl panties (I love that expression. haha) and keep on trucking. She gives everything that she has of herself to others. I just wish she had more down time for herself. :)  

I consider myself extremely lucky to have such a caring, real, honest, HILARIOUS, brave, smart, inspiring and terrific woman in my life.  Thanks for being you, Jennifer!

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  1. i'm about to cry!I want Jen to be my friend too!!!