What I Love Wednesday!

Here are some of the things that I'm absolutely loving this week:

1. My daughter's Halloween costume! When I was explaining to her what Halloween was all about and how she would get to dress up as something that she really liked she seemed so interested.  I asked her what she wanted to be and she said "I be sheep!" She has a stuffed sheep that she sleeps with every night and she thinks that sheep say "ha ha ha ha" instead of "bah bah bah" which is too stinkin' cute... so I got her a sheep costume! It came in the mail yesterday and she shreiked with excitement when I showed her.  Here is a sneak peek of our little sheep:
 2. I'm loving that we finally finished my crafting corner (which I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about by now) and I'm going to get to use it for the first time TONIGHT! Here is a shot of that area...
3. I'm loving that my dad is coming over for dinner tomorrow night. I haven't seen him since the wedding... which was over a month ago!
4. Which reminds me... our one month anniversary was yesterday. <3 It seems absolutely insane that our wedding was already so long ago.
That's all for now. I have a headache that I have been trying to get rid of since I woke up this morning, so I'll end this list here.  Have a fantastic day, everyone!

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