The Great Shoe Adventure

Soooo.... I came home from bible study last night to find my darling husband and daughter fast asleep.  This would be great, as it was 10pm, except for the fact that my husband forgot to lock up the dog.  Uh oh! 
My lovely little (ok, big) puppy feasted on Halloween decorations and ABBY'S FAVORITE SHOES!!! I was in such a good mood after the growth group meeting... but when I saw that chewed up shoe, my heart dropped.  Abby wants to wear these shoes pretty much every day.  She thinks they are AWESOME.

We woke up this morning and I purposely dressed her in a silver skirt so that I could convince her to wear her silver shoes.  Success! The plan was to head out on my lunch break and try to find a new pair of the apparently delicious shoes. 

Lunchtime: Jenn and I head over to Payless... and they aren't there.  Panic starts to set in, but then I remember that I actually bought them at Target! I pick up another cute pair of shoes (brown and pink maryjanes that light up) that I think will impress Abby, just in case we can't find the beloved pink ones.  She's right between a 6 and 7, so I grabbed a 6.5.  We head over to Target... and there they are... the glorious sparkly pink shoes... but alas, they are a 6 and I'm positive that Abby's were a 7.  CRAP!  We head back to work and Jenn says she'll check her local Target that night.  I also send an email to my mom asking her to check up north where she lives.

Fast forward to after work... I get home with Abby and show her the new shoes.  She loves them!  Unfortunately... they are too small.  AAAGH! So we are about to jump in the car and head back to Payless to exchange them when I happen to see the dog-chewed pink shoe and pick it up.  It was a SIZE 6 ALL ALONG!

We head over to Payless and exchange the 6.5 light ups for the size 7.  Fantastic.  We drive over to Target and walk down the show aisle towards the pink wonders... I pick up the box of size 6 and open it up to make sure they are the right shoes... THERE WERE SIZE 7 SHOES INSIDE OF THE SIZE 6 BOX ALL ALONG!!!!!    I slip them on her feet and they fit just right.

Phew! I never thought I would have to go through such an ordeal for a pair of toddler shoes... check them out though, they are pretty darn awesome.

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  1. i am so glad you got her the right fit! Amelia has these in silver and wears them every day too.