Great Weekend! How about you?

We had a really nice weekend!  Friday night we relaxed... ordered dinner, read some books with Abby, and caught up on some of our favorite shows on the DVR.

Saturday morning we woke up nice and early (as usual).  Mike had work all morning, so it was up to me to entertain Abby and Roxie.  We had some breakfast and headed outside into the backyard.  I did some necessary cleaning of the yard (we do have a dog, afterall) while Abby and Roxie chased each other in circles around the shed a few hundred times.  After that we worked together to gather all of the summer toys from the yard and put them away, as sadly, they won't be used for another year.

Such a great helper!

After we tired of playing in the yard we wanted something else to do outside, since the weather was gorgeous!  We called up my BFF Michelle and asked her if she wanted to come to Snipes with us and check out the Scarecrow Festival and fall activities.  While we waited for Michelle (she's always late... hehe) we sat out front and decorated our property with sidewalk chalk.  I taught Abby how to do hopscotch (she was surprisingly good!) and we had a nice chat about all of the cars that drove by and all of the animals in our yard.  Then Michelle got there and we headed over to the Scarecrow Festival.  This was our third time at Snipes this year... but it's something different to do on a nice fall day, so we take advantage of it.  We explored the animals and the old farm museum, played on the playground, checked out the scarecrows, and took a hayride to and from the pumpkin patch.  At this point we were pretty hungry... so we called the husbands up to see if they wanted to join us for lunch. (They declined) So us three gals headed over to Red Robin for a yummy lunch.  Abby was on her BEST behavior, which made me very proud of her.  She sat next to me in the booth and colored and ate her food (and some of mine) like an angel.  She snagged a balloon on the way out (super exciting to a toddler) and we headed home to enjoy the rest of our afternoon.

Saturday night my lovely cousin Samantha came over to babysit so that the husband and I could have a night out to watch the Phillies game.  Abby was super excited to have Sammie over and had no problem giving us kisses and saying "bye!", which always makes it much easier to feel comfortable leaving her.  I had a great time out with my husband (which is a VERY rare occasion... we never get to go out together) and some of my best friends.  Definitely reminded me that Mike and I need date nights more often!

Sunday morning we got up early (again... as usual. hehe) had some breakfast and did some shopping for odds and ends that we needed.  Abby and I found some super cute toddler pants on clearance at Target for 2 bucks a pair!  When we got home Roxie and Abby were feeling restless, so we back out into the yard we went for some fresh air. 

(Side note... our dog is a digger! Apparently she think we have buried treasure in our yard somewhere)

While we were outside getting some fresh air and using up that excess energy, Mike was inside doing some Sunday cleaning and chores.  We celebrated our great weekend by popping in Abby's new favorite movie, Finding Nemo, and relaxing while we watched the ocean adventure.  I cooked us up a yummy dinner of steak pinwheels stuffed w/ spinach and herb spread, baked potato and green beans... and we all settled in the night.  

Definitely one of my best weekends!  Good food, great friends and my amazing family... what more could I ask for? I'm really glad that we got to relax so much this weekend, since the next two weekends are going to be CRAZY with all of the Halloween festivites and then our SingStar Party! (More about that later...) 

Have a great week! 

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous weekend!! I can't believe how big Abs is!! Wow, look at all of her hair!! They grow up too fast.