Terrific Tuesday: Sam-a-jama!

I've been slacking on the blogging... eeck! To be fair, I've been really busy getting ready for Halloween and doing some church stuff.  I'm sure I'll have a lot to blog about when Halloween passes and we enter the holiday season!

On to today's Terrific Tuesday... my cousin, Samantha Maiorino!

Sam and Abby at my wedding this past August. :)

Samantha is the kind of kid that you can truly be proud of.  She makes good choices, plays just about every sport under the sun, gets good grades, is kind to others, loves her family... I could go on and on.  She's responsible and trustworthy, and I love her to pieces! 

When we got married we specifically did not invite kids to our wedding (we would have LOVED to have the kids there... but they numbered in the 30s and we just couldn't afford that) but Samantha got to come because she was taking care of Abby that day for me.  She came over early in the morning so I could go to my hair appointment and stuck with us throughout the day, even riding in the limo to the ceremony.  This afforded me the chance to have my daughter with me for every step of my wedding, but I didn't have to be the one chasing her down the hallway or keeping her away from the wine glasses. lol. Sam is also the only person (other than my parents and in-laws) that has ever babysat for us.  I trust Samantha with the most precious part of my life... so that says a lot.  

Sam was an adorable little kid... sassy and smart, never afraid to let you know exactly how she was feeling. It always made me feel soooo good when I would arrive at a family function and Sam and her sister, Sarah, would run at me with open arms yelling "NIKKI!!!".  

Now she has grown into a (still adorable) teenager, and she seems to be one of the lucky ones. Gorgeous, popular, smart, athletic... but still she stays responsible, kind and gracious.  I know her schedule is jam-packed with school, sports, friends and her boyfriend, but she still makes time for family.

Thanks for being so awesome, Samantha.  Keep on this same path and you'll go so very far in life.   

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