Terrific Tuesday

Today's Terrific Tuesday is going to be about a group of terrific women!  These people have inspired me and encouraged me in my faith and as a wife and mother. They are all strong and confident and I am better for knowing them.  A HUGE thank you goes to Claire, Melissa, Hilary, Rachel and Sara.  Listening to you talk about your beliefs and raising Godly children has changed my life.  While we all differ slightly in some of our beliefs, we all share a common goal of bettering ourselves and our families through God.  I have been so inspired by seeing you pick up your whole life and move to a new state to do mission work, struggle with the right way to discipline your toddler, encourage others when they are down, freely give advice from your heart, take time out of your day to support and lift up other friends (and myself!), share your lives and your own journey of faith without EVER seeming judgemental or preachy.  I love that! You are all so accepting of everyone and you seem so at peace and happy with your lives... and even when things don't go your way, you know how to make the best of it and keep a happy heart.  You are all role models and wonderful examples of mothers, wives and Godly women.  I love you guys so much and am so glad and blessed to have you in my life!


  1. That was so sweet of you to say! You are a great woman and an amazing mom & I feel really lucky to have you as a friend!

  2. Awww... Nicole, I am working on contentment today. Thank you for reminding me earlier! I appreciate it and am glad for the relationship we've built over the past two years.