Weekend of Fall Festivities!

We had an amazing weekend celebrating Fall. It was non-stop busy... but so fun!
Friday night Abby and I dumped out every toy that she owns into the middle of the living room floor and got busy organizing. We grouped toys together into categories and put them into seperate bins.

The big bins ended up being:
1. dolls
2. stuffed animals
3. farm set/tractor

The medium sized bins ended up being:
1. balls
2. cars
3. art supplies 

The smallest bins ended up being:
1. purse and doctor kit w/ supplies
2. small animals and people
3. microwave, play food, tea set. 

So far she has done a good job of only taking out one bin at a time... but we're still working on organizing the books. She loves to take out ALL of her books (she has at least a hundred) and spread them out on the floor around her while she goes to town reading. Oh well... at least she loves to read!

Saturday was such a fun day... we started off by going to Sesame Place for their fall festival!
The first thing Abby wanted to do was climb on the HUGE nets... so her daddy went with her.  She was so brave and climbed all the way to the top pretty much by herself.  Getting back down was a little more difficult though, so daddy helped, even though he was getting his shoes stuck in the net. Haha.
After that we went through a few mazes...

and rode the teacups! (which made me sick and dizzy, but Abby and Mike loved them!)

After our awesome day at Sesame Place, Abby and I met up with our friends Jamie and Dionna for some fun at the park around the corner from our house! Jamie, Tony and Dionna will be moving into the house next door to us very soon and we're SO EXCITED to have them so close!

They girls were HILARIOUS together and had a blast.  Here is a link to a video of them playing:

Sunday  morning we got up and dressed for church as usual... but it was extra exciting because Mike was coming with us for the first time! 

After church Abby and I met up with my SIL, MIL and two nephews for some Fall Fun at Snipes Farm! We went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch, played on the playground, explored the scarecrows and had a blast.

Jack leading Abby through a maze:
 Adam ringing the bell on the pirate ship:
 Sharing some pretzels with Jack on the hayride:
 Getting to know some birds... so cute! We swear Abby is the "bird whisperer" as they seem to always walk right up to her when she calls them.  Even at home! She got out of the car the other day, squatted down (to the birds eye level, I guess. Haha) and said "here birdy!" and the little thing hopped right on over to her! It was a little freaky.
 Playing in the enormous sand box
 Playing this huge instrument with Adam... while playing it some live music started elsewhere on the farm and for a few minutes Adam thought that he was playing it. So cute!
On our way out we bought some pumpkins and gourds and called it a day.  Abby asked to hold them in the car, so I let her... only to hear a loud "crunch" and look back to see Abby with yellow flecks on her face and a mischevious grin.  Apparently gourds look like apples and are delicious. LOL! I had to take it away from her because she kept trying to eat it... and when we got home? Roxie ended up eating it anyway. Goofballs!

So as you can see... our weekend was jam-packed full of Fall goodness... how was yours?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We pretty much did nothing, and I sort of miss all the fall activities that happen in places with seasons... but maybe soon we'll make it to a pumpkin patch and get some fun pictures... Caeden always looks cute with the pumpkins matching his hair!