Halloween Weekend!

Well Halloween weekend has finally come and gone... and we had a blast! Friday night my dad came and we all went out to dinner w/ him and a couple of his good friends.  We went to Langhorne Ale House.  The food was delicious and the company was great. :) After dinner my dad stayed over at our house and we opened up the package that we received from Playstation/Houseparty earlier that day.  (I won a contest and we get to have a "Sing Star Dance" Karaoke party next weekend... more about that at a later date.) The men had fun playing some sports games with our new Playstation Move controllers and then Abby and I sang and danced to some Paula Abdul. LOL.

Saturday morning my whole family arrived (my mom, Erica and her boys) and we had some family bonding time before getting ready to head out to our first Halloween party!

Here is my little sheep!

Big thanks to our gracious hostess, Erica Cook, for inviting us to her Halloween bash.  Abby had a blast and it was so fun seeing her actually participating in "big kid" activities.

 There was pumpking painting...

 Bobbing for apples...

 She did give it a shot... but ended up just grabbing an apple with her hands. :)

Abby lined up with the big kids to play a Halloween game...

Playing with her cousin, Aiden before exploring the outdoor "graveyard" play area.

After the party we ended up playing outside at home and refusing to nap until 5:20!  She woke up from that nap at 8:20 and went right back down to sleep for the night at 9:30.  We were supposed to go to another Halloween party, but with Abby's crazy nap schedule and Mike working late, we never did make it there.

Sunday was a busy day as well... we did some cleaning, spent some more time outside, dropped off cupcakes at church for today's blood drive... and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for Trick or Treating!!!  Our first stop was my MIL and FIL's house to meet up with SIL and her family.  Abby got to do a little trick or treating with her cousins, Jack and Adam.

Ringing some doorbells with Jack (Ironman) and Adam (Mario)

Here dad, hold this for me! It's getting heavy!
She did an awesome job saying "Trick or Treat", "Wank you" (her version of thank you) and "Appy Halloween!" at almost every house.

After spending some time with her cousins we headed over to Abby's favorite teenage babysitter (and my cousin), Samantha's house! It was so nice to see everyone (and meet Sam's boyfriend!) and Abby had a blast playing with their dog, Tica.  After wishing them a happy Halloween we ended our night with a trip to my BFF Michelle's house where they had two special candy bars waiting just for Abby. :)  Abby had a FANTASTIC Halloween...

...and ended the night with a huge haul to show for it. :)

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween weekend and is getting ready to dive right into Thanksgiving and the start of the Holiday Season! So exciting!!!! 

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