Happy Birthday, Aiden! (and weekend update)

Hello! I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend. :)

My little goofball enjoying an early morning breakfast of bananas, wheat toast and milk. :)

We had a great weekend and I hope that you did too!  Friday night we did our normal weekend cleaning because we knew we would be busy the rest of the weekend and wanted to get it over with... after that we just relaxed as a family.

Saturday was our nephew Aiden's fourth birthday party! (Well, his kid party... the family party is next weekend)  Abby had a blast playing with the other kids, snacking on some junk food, playing with Aiden's toys, and running around like a maniac with everyone else.

Happy Birthday, big boy! We love you to pieces!

We got him an origami book and some origami paper (my sister told me he's really into this) and a spelling game. We hope he loves them and the origami doesn't drive his mother TOO crazy. ;)

Yesterday was also a busy day for us as we had a new members class at our church! Abby got to play in the daycare with two older girls (probably 8 and 9) and she thought she was a total big kid.  She sat right down with them and ate her lunch, colored some pictures, played hide and seek on the playground, etc.  The girls told me when I picked her up that they had a blast with her and they loved helping her and playing with her. Good report from the teacher as well. :) This is promising, as she has been upset about going to the toddler room during church recently.  Hopefully this upcoming Sunday she'll be happy to go again. The class we attended was informative and enjoyable and time really went quickly.  As of this Sunday we'll officially be "sworn in" as members of Woodside Presbyterian Church. :)

I hope that everyone has a great week!

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