This weekend... was AWESOME!

What a fabulous weekend... relaxing, exciting, inspiring, faithful... I could just about explode with loving life right now.

Friday night we rearranged the living room in preparation for Christmas decorating... and after Abby went to bed (and Mike went out with some work friends) I couldn't resist pulling out the tree and setting it up all by myself.  I turned on some Christmas music, set up the tree, then sat in the comfy chair with all of the lights turned off except for the tree and just relaxed. It was sooo peaceful. Here is a picture of the tree that I took that night:

Just looking at this picture makes me feel peaceful all over again

Saturday morning Abby woke up bright and early and I followed her out into the living room to see her reaction... her jaw dropped, she slowly sunk to the floor and laid on her belly with her hands under her chin, staring at the tree and saying "Wow.... pretty!" over and over again. It was absolutely a perfect moment.
We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon decorating the house and taking a trip to Target to buy more decorations.  Abby was such a good helper and she loooves our newly decorated living room.

 I might just have a SMALL reindeer collection. lol. My mom gives me a new one for Christmas every year... this is the collection I've gathered throughout my life. <3

 We took a decorating break to watch The Grinch!

 My Nativity set... same one every year for as long as I can remember. I love it!

 Four stockings this year... had to include Roxie!

 A little elf REALLY enjoying decorating.

 So proud to pose by her tree

 We had a blast!

While we were in Christmas wonderland, Mike and his dad were hard at work out back tearing up boards and putting down new ones to begin the process of re-doing our deck.  It's going to be awesome when it's finished!  Later that afternoon Abby and I headed over to April's house to celebrate Gina and Aiden's birthdays.  It was a really nice party and it was great to see so many family members.  Abby had a blast playing with her cousins and I loved snuggling up with my nephew, Shawn.  I got some closure and healing from an issue that was bothering me... and I feel so much better not having anything weighing on my heart.

Today was another great day!  We started out on an AMAZING note when we became official members of our church.  We were called up on stage, introduced to the congregation, and everyone welcomed us and prayed over us. It was really powerful and beautiful and it feels great to have a church home. Abby did fantastic in the toddler room and I felt so great about leaving her there today, which was a relief, because she has had a tough time with it in the past.  She talked about "chuch" all day long and was really excited about it.

After church Abby and I took Roxie to get her nails cut and ran a few errands... then spent the rest of the day playing and snuggling on the couch together watching Christmas movies!

So all in all... AMAZING weekend leading into an amazing week! I'm very much looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.  I hope that everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. Everything about this post makes me want to jump for joy! :D