Very Late Weekend Wrap Up!

You may have noticed that this past Monday I didn't write my weekend wrap up like I normally do... it's because I was waiting to add pictures to it... but as you can see, that didn't happen... so I'm just giving up and posting it now because it's already NEXT weekend starting in about 7 hours for me. :)

This past weekend was busy, super fun, exhausting and rewarding.  Saturday night we had our Sing Star Party!

I'm a member of a website (http://www.houseparty.com/) where big companies choose to sponsor parties and members can apply to win the "party packs" upon agreement to host said party.  I applied for (and won) the Playstation Sing Star party pack!  This included two playstation move controllers, two microphones, a Sing Star Karaoke video game, a playstation eye (a camera), two cases of soda and a subway gift card.  They also sent along cups, napkins, magnets, score cards and some other party favors.  We (and everyone else who won the party pack) agreed to host a party on November 6th at 7pm, sponsored by Playstation and Houseparty.com.

Saturday evening we dropped of Roxie at the pet hotel and dropped off Abby at grandmom's house and prepared to party! It was a blast!! There were nine of us there and we had so much fun singing, dancing, eating, drinking, chatting and just goofing around.  I honestly don't think I've laughed so hard in YEARS.  I have an awesome group of friends, which definitely helps matters, so we were all perfectly comfortable looking like complete fools in front of each other. :) There was plenty of video and pictures taken, some of which I hope to eventually post on here. 

Sunday morning we all got to sleep in, as there were no morning services at church.  Woodside did not go to church last weekend... we went out into the community and WERE the church! (Here is a description from the church's site if you're interested in learning more: http://www.woodside-church.org/Articles/1000091860/Woodside_Presbyterian_Church/Serve/Woodside_Left_the.aspx) The service project that I chose was to do a worship service and visit with residents at ManorCare nursing home in Yardley, PA.  I read Psalm 139 and other members contributed other readings and we got to visit and have snacks with the residents.  I used to work at ManorCare (about ten years ago) and an extra special surprise for me was that a resident that I've known for years was still there and he remembered me! Here is a picture of us together:

Me with the fabulous Tommy!

This is normally where I would tell everyone to have a great week... but since it's already Friday again... I hope that you did have a great week and are looking forward to fun and relaxing weekends. :)

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