Abby turns 2!

Yesterday was Abby's second birthday... let me just stop and reflect on that for a second... MY BABY IS TWO YEARS OLD! How did that happen?!? Wasn't it just yesterday that she looked like this:

Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital, bundled so sweetly?

Now my darling little baby has turned into a gorgeous, sassy, intelligent toddler!

To celebrate this enormous milestone in her life I took the day off from work and planned a fantastic day for us girls... full of her favorite foods and her favorite activities: shopping, baking, playing. :)

We started off the morning with a breakfast of blueberry waffles and turkey sausage. Yum! After breakfast we played with Abby's new Christmas toys for a bit then got dressed and ventured out to the store.  She picked out a couple outfits, some favorite snacks,and some new pajamas... then I told Abby that she could pick out any toy in the store that she wanted... which resulted in us making SEVERAL laps around the toy section, with her picking up toys, checking them out, then putting them back... until we came upon the bike... and Abby loudly proclaimed "That the one, mama! That the one!"

Loving her new bike, which she does a great job of pedaling around the house. :)

After our shopping adventure we came home and played with her new bike then settled in for a movie.

Enjoying some apple juice and crackers while watching Finding Nemo on her new tv in her room!

Soon after that it was time to bake her birthday cake! So we put on our aprons and got down to work...

The cake baked and we played some more... then while the cake cooled we headed over to Bouncing Off The Walls with my friend Dayna and her son, Dylan.

 The kiddos had a blast in the "jumpie" (if you ask Abby) or "bouncy" (if you ask Dylan)

They were shockingly really good at air hockey!

Enjoying some climbing, running, jumping, yelling fun!

After we were all bounced out it was time to come home.

A special balloon for the birthday girl

All of that bouncing wore her out!

After a long and refreshing nap it was time to decorate the cake!

The sprinkle queen... 


After cake decorating we played some more, ordered some pizza and Abby got in her new pajamas!

Thumbs up on the birthday pizza, mom!

After singing happy birthday (twice) and having some cake, it was time to settle in for the movie of Abby's choice... Despicable Me.

What a cozy ending to a great day!

I still find it difficult to believe that two years has gone by, but I'm amazed by our daughter every single day.  She makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me want to pull my hair out... but it's all worth it to get to see her grow and mature into the fabulous little girl that she is.  I love you, Abby!!!!

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