Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was amazing... nothing went exactly as planned yet it all came together so wonderfully.

Christmas eve we had a take-out dinner at home of our favorite meal... Hibachi! (Everyone else went out to dinner, but Abby just isn't ready for a sit-down meal in a restaurant yet, so we decided not to stress ourselves out on Christmas eve by forcing it) It was delicious, and after dinner we got dressed up and headed over to my Grandmothers house for dessert and presents.

Me and my amazing little family of three :)

Abby and her guitar from Aunt Erica

 Abby and Aiden, having a blast together, as usual

The Abster and I, with my mom

We left my Grandmothers house just in time to get home and finish some Christmas Eve traditions of our own...

Mike read "The Night Before Christmas"

...and I finished wrapping presents 

After opening one gift (her Christmas pajamas), singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus and saying our prayers, it was off to bed for one little girl while daddy and I got to work being Santa's elves... putting together a new kitchen playset!

Christmas morning arrived bright and early (especially after staying up so late to put together said kitchen. lol) and Abby was AMAZED to see that Santa came! I don't have pictures of her opening her gifts because I was too busy enjoying the moment... but we did get the whole event on video.

The haul from Santa... good stuff!

Abby LOVED her new kitchen (from Grandmom and Poppop... and maybe Santa) ;)

After gift opening my parents came over for more presents and a delicious breakfast... I served a blueberry french toast casserole and thick-cut bacon. YUM!!!

The casserole turned out amazing...

Christmas day afternoon we headed over to the Hofmann house for another Christmas celebration! More presents, tons of great food, and wonderful family.

Yes, we are outfit repeaters. Haha.

We also had an amazing Christmas miracle happen that night... Abby's cousin Lucy was born!!!

We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying our time together as a family and exploring the new toys...

Abby loves her new tent from Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Danny <3

Her favorite gift from Santa was definitely this playdoh kit... she has used it every.single.day. since Christmas.

Having a blast with her Weebles playset from Grandmom and Poppop

So, all-in-all, Christmas this year was everything that I wanted it to be and so much more.  I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!!! :)

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