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As my attentive hubby so graciously pointed out... I've been slacking on the blogging. I have a good reason though.  EVERYONE in my house (including our poor pup) has been sick!  Abby is still suffering with a cough and runny nose, although thankfully the stomach bug from last week is gone.  Mike got hit hard with a bad cold too... coughing, sore throat, fevers, lost his voice... the whole nine yards.  I felt icky for a day or two, but nothing too bad. (As my LOVING husband pointed out so kindly to me... "You're sick all the time anyway, you're used to functioning while sick." Gee... thanks for the sympathy babe. lol) The sickest of all... our poor puppy, Roxie. :(  Roxie had a week-long stomach virus (which resulted in multiple shampooing of our carpets... gross) and a double ear infection! I'm still cooking her ground beef and rice for dinner and breakfast every day and hoping to introduce her dog food back to her tonight.  Please pray (for my carpets sake) that all goes well.

HOWEVER... we haven't let all of this sickness get us down. Since I'm fine and Abby is mostly well again we've been keeping busy.

 We had a spur of the moment dinner at BK and enjoyed some playplace fun while our carpets dried one night.  Abby scared the bejeezus out of me by climbing all the way to the top and then telling me she couldn't get down. Great.  I was about to make Mike wiggle his butt inside of all of those tubes to rescue our daughter when she finally figured it out and came down on her own... only to climb right back up. LOL. She did have a cute little admirer following her around the whole time. I wish I had thought to introduce myself to his mom for future play dates! Oh well... maybe we'll run into them again.

This is Abby in her new pajamas from TCP (The Children's Place) which we bought during our mall trip Saturday morning.  We had a blast! They were having a children't festival, so we got to do arts and crafts, get a hand tattoo, play games and ride the carousel! Abby was also lucky enough to get new Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck stuffed animals from the Disney Store... they were BOGO!

After our mall adventure it was off to my Grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party!  This is a picture of my parents... it was great to see them.  Unfortunately, since it was nap time and Abby doesn't do well in restaurants even on her best days, we weren't able to stay very long.  It was a beautiful party though... my Grandmother is blessed to have so many friends and family that adore her.

After the party (and a nice long nap) we got to spend some time babysitting my nephew, Shawn!  These two were so adorable together. :)  We spent some time playing at our house and then took a trip to Target to exchange my Kindle case.  It was a great reminder that I'm not ANYWHERE NEAR ready to have two kids. Haha. Lugging around an infant carrier, toddler, diaper bag, purse, etc is no picnic. Not to mention that Abby has no interest what-so-ever in sharing her mama with anyone or anything.

Saturday night I finally got my act together and finished our Advent calendar, so we were able to start it on Sunday morning (only a few days behind... hehe) It took a little explaining, but Abby finally understood the concept that she only gets to open one piece a day and that something special happens on the last day.

Last but not least... this is how my poor dog spent most of her weekend. Sleeping. Since giving her a special diet, some antibiotics and ear drops, she has shown a lot of improvement and is back to her spunky self... even rough-housing with her daddy last night. :)

It's going to be another busy week in our house (truly, when is it not these days?) as I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to discuss when I'm getting tubes in my ears, bible study Wednesday night (which I've missed for 3 weeks now! I'm dying to get back) and then this weekend is our work Christmas party and our church Advent dinner. Busy, busy, busy!

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