The busiest time of year is rapidly (and I do mean QUICKLY) approaching and my thoughts are all jumbled up right now with so much going on... I thought writing them out might help me get organized and not forget anything important.

*This past weekend was amazing! It was such great family bonding and husband/wife bonding time.  We did some shopping, did some cooking, wrapped some gifts, did a lot of playing, some movie watching and relaxing... I had a glass of wine (or two) and we really spent some time together as a family without having to rush around and be busy with a million other things.  I feel like our weekends have been NON-STOP action since before Halloween, so to finally have some down time was truly healing and renewing.  Mike has been being so sweet and thoughtful lately and I've honestly never been so happy. My little family of 3 (plus Roxie) is truly heaven.

*This upcoming weekend- Our cousin James is turning one! We'll head over to his party on Sunday afternoon (I still have to buy him a present... ) and other than church on Sunday morning, we have nothing planned.  Probably just some Christmas gift wrapping, cleaning, maybe some shopping and relaxing.  I am working on a very special Christmas gift for someone (is it you?!) and I'll be putting in some time on that this weekend as well.

*Next week- I'll be working on baking, finishing up and putting together Christmas gifts, finalizing plans, last minute shopping (hopefully I won't need to do this) and whatever else may come up.

*Christmas Eve- I am soooo grateful to have off from work on Christmas Eve this year!I know that we're going to my Grandmothers house (as always) for Christmas Eve dinner. Abby will probably wear her new skirt and cardigan set, hair in pigtails. I have no clue what I'll wear... maybe my dress with the red top, empire waist and black/white patterned bottom. Hair straightened for sure as I only do it a few times a year. LOL. (Oh! and my new fancy headband that Meg made) Christmas Eve services at our church are at 5 and 7 (the celebration service that we attend) so whether we make it or not depends on the timing of dinner at Grandmoms. Hopefully we can attend at least some of the 5pm service. After dinner we'll head home, I'll give Abby her new pajamas (I can't decide between two pairs that I just bought) and Mike will read "The Night Before Christmas".  This is a tradition that he started last year and wants to do every year... a special "daddy" thing. I love it!  Then we'll set out cookies and milk for Santa and hit the hay!

*Christmas Day- We'll wake up as soon as Abby is ready (I'm anticipating 6:30-7:00) and head out to the living room to see if Santa came.  After presents are all opened we'll settle in for some breakfast and relaxing.  Hopefully my parents will be there by 9ish, in time for breakfast. I'm looking for recipes of what to make... probably a casserole of some sort (I found a yummy sounding recipe for blueberry french toast casserole) and then eggs and bacon.  After some Maiorino family time we'll get dressed and head over to the Hofmann house! Abby will probably wear her candy cane jumper and a ponytail with her new ponytail holder that Meg made. :) No clue what I'll wear yet... it's usually (thankfully) pretty casual so probably just pants and a sweater... and my new headband that Meg made. I'm so excited to wear that thing! lol. We'll have an afternoon of fun, food and more presents, then head home again to enjoy some Christmas movies, a fire, hot chocolate and family snuggle time.

*Abby's actual birthday- I'm really excited to have off on Abby's birthday! She'll be two years old on the Tuesday after Christmas. Unbelievable! For some reason two is hitting me much harder than one did.  I guess it's because she has grown up SO MUCH this year and really is a little kid now. There is no trace of babyness to be found.  I want to make that day extra special for her... a mommy and daughter bonding day.  So far I'm thinking that I'll decorate the house the night before while she's sleeping. (Maybe even take down the Christmas stuff, depending how ambitious I'm feeling) I'll cook her a special breakfast (not sure what yet... though she loves turkey sausage and blueberry waffles, so that will probably be it) then we'll do some shopping (probably Target or Walmart so she can pick out some clothes AND a toy) and then home to bake a cake (she loves helping me in the kitchen, especially with baking).  While the cake is cooling we'll head over to Bouncing Off The Walls (hopefully with Jamie and Abby's BFF, Dionna) for some jumping and running around... then home to decorate the cake.  After a dinner of her choosing (she kept saying "mmm... I love it" when I made something a few weeks ago... I'll have to remember what that was) we'll settle in for a movie of her choosing and some birthday cake! Sounds exhausting... but hopefully it will be the perfect day for the Abster. :)

*New Years Eve- I'm looking forward to staying home (and anyone else that wants a relaxing evening is welcome to join us!) and making some appetizers and having some wine... kissing my two loves at midnight and heading to bed. (If we're even awake at that point. LOL) We were invited to a few parties but are declining all invitation this year. We really just want to be in our own house, all together.

*Abby's birthday party (January 8th)- I was originally (and still may be) going to go with a farm theme since she's totally into all of that stuff... but lately she's been OBSESSED with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we may be switching to that.  She can name all of the characters and plays with her little figurine set of them every. single. day.  She also has big Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck stuffed animals that she has been insisting on bringing to bed lately.  Actually, the more I think about it, the more I feel like MMC is the better choice for her party.  We're keeping it small this year and just having Abby's grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and her BFF and family.  Not sure if I'm going to do a brunch again or something else. Either way I'm excited about it and I know she'll have a blast being the star of the day.

Phew! It's going to be a busy and exhausting few weeks... but I'm jumping in with both feet and I'm ready to make great things happen. :)

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