Snow Day!

We had our first big snowstorm of the year this past weekend.  Mike was at work for over 24 hours straight while the east coast was pounded with about a foot of snow in our area.  Abby and I enjoyed our snuggle time in the house while the wind howled and the snow fell... but come Monday morning Abby was ready to go out in that snow and play!

"Come on, mama! Let's play!"

She was wiping snow off of every surface that she could... like it was her job to clean the yard. :)

Attempting to make a snow ball

Having a blast in the snow with Roxie... who thought it was her job to EAT all of the snow in the yard.

This was her attempt at a snow angel... she wasn't crazy about lying down in the snow, so she sat. Haha.

Uh oh... snow got in her gloves!

After about a half hour of playing in the snow we'd had enough of the wind and freezing temps and went inside to warm up... but we had a blast while we were outside! :)

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