Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

*Disclaimer: I am posting this to my blog so that I don’t lose it.  I plan on having this blog printed into a book one day for Abby and myself… so sometimes this blog may seem more like a diary… but it’s my blog so I can post whatever I want. J

There has been a game going around Facebook lately where people anonymously post how they really feel about someone on their page.  I was curious to know what some of my friends and acquaintances think about me, so I participated. 

I was absolutely blown away. 

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life… and I’m humbled and honored at the wonderful things that they had to say about me.  Reading these comments is definitely going to inspire me and give me motivation to try and live up to their views of me.

(This one came through an email to me… but it felt appropriate to share it here as well) "Even though I have only been in a few bible study sessions with you, I was struck by your insight and maturity. You are wise beyond your years and you are a great asset to our group of women.  I love that we are all different ages and in different places in our lives. I well remember being a young mom and I was nowhere near as grounded as you are."

"you my friend, are fabulous! I love how you always tell me the truth, even though most of the time I dont wanna hear it! lol you are gorgeous and I am so glad you came into my life! youve helped me get through some pretty tough times and I love you for it!"

"You are an amazing mom..great friend and all around wonderful person! So happy I got to share your special day with you...xoxo"

"One of the most good hearted people I met in my life. I am so happy for you and your family.. :D. Keep up the good times :D"

"Your spirit and commitment to God awes me. You are such an awesome mom! You are wonderful with your little girl and it shows in her smile. I love the way you listen to everyone, you don't get in the middle of arguments, and you help find a resolution. You are kind to everyone and I know that there isn't a person who meets you that doesn't love you. Your kindness and heart seem endless."

"You are an AMAZING Mom! You are the type of mom I always dreamed of being but never will be. Your daughter is very lucky! We need to get together again soon! You are a great friend! You are never afraid to be honest, and upfront, and I applaud your ability to remain neutral in sticky situations. Love you!"

"Wow its been LOOONG! Maybe what 23 years? You were one of my first friends! I remember me and carla babysitting ur guinea pig and we thought we were sooo cool. Haha! You are a great woman and mommy. You are raising a great little girl. She is lucky to have u as her mommy! I'm glas that we are back in touch with each other!"

"We weren't close in high school but I'm glad we've gotten to know each other better since then. Ur a wonderful mommy to a beautiful and smart little girl! Ur ideas and info u post encourage me so much! I've learned u will do just about anything for any1 and that makes u an awesome person!!!!"

"Always level headed and the voice of reason... well ours... def should get together again sometime ... granted it wont be like the good ol days but should still be some laughs !!!"

A lot of people think that Facebook games are silly... and most of them are! I love ones like this though. Games that are meant to brighten someones day.  It made my day to read these... and I hope that the posts I wrote about other people made them smile as well.

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