What I Love Wednesday... is back!

So I replaced WILW with Thankful Thursdays in November in honor of Thanksgiving... and I forgot to start up WILW after that! So here we are... back again to talk about what I am currently in love with. :)

I am so totally 100% in love with my daughters personality and sense of humor.  She is so goofy and fun-loving and will do anything to get a laugh from me.  She also cracks HERSELF up, constantly.

Example 1:
Apparently putting the hair from a My Little Pony on top of the head of Donald Duck is ridiculously hilarious. She was cracking herself, and me, up.

Example 2:
Here she is just enjoying her goofiness.  Wearing her "glasses" in the house and jumping on my bed.

She's constantly putting her face up really close to mine and making a silly face or a silly noise to make me laugh and the girl absolutely LOVES to dance.  I'll just be cooking dinner in the kitchen when she'll randomly come up to me, grab my hands and say "want dance, mama?".  She is so silly, innocent, fun, smart, sassy and just plain adorable that even when she's driving me up a wall... it's all worth it. <3

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