Abby's Birthday Party

So I just realized that it has been over two weeks since Abby's birthday party and I haven't posted about it!  The day started off being cold and snowy (as is normal for January) but we were fortunate enough that Mike was able to be home for the party (although he had just worked for about 30 hours straight!) and everyone was able to attend. (Minus Abby's cousin Jack and Uncle Eric... Jack was sick and we really missed them)

     The bday girl and her parents <3
     Grandmom and PopPop Maiorino
     Grandmom and PopPop Hofmann
     Great Grandmom and Great Grandpop Maiorino
     Aunt Erica, Aiden and Shawn (cousins)
     Aunt Kristy, Adam and Lucy (cousins)
     Jamie and Dionna (neighbors and Abby's BFF)

We had a ton of appetizers (veggies and dip, goldfish crackers, twizzlers, crackers and 3 dips, chips and salsa, etc) ordered some pizzas (and enjoyed some Sangria and beer) and had an ice cream sundae bar and cupcakes for dessert! Abby got a ton of wonderful gifts and had an absolute blast with her family and friends.  Now for the pictures!

The birthday girl... showing off her pretty new birthday outfit.

Blowing out her candles

Enjoying some play time with cousins Aiden and Adam

Opening gifts... last year she fell asleep while opening gifts... this year she came close again. LOL

Dionna and Abby being silly... love them!

The chaos that makes up create-your-own sundaes...

The hubs holding our niece, Lucy. <3

     Looking back at all of the pictures I realize that I did not get a single picture of the decorations. *sigh*. The main colors were pink and green... we had streamers and balloons... and a big birthday banner and assorted other decorations themed with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming to her party and making my daughter feel so very loved. <3

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