I feel great!

So it's been two weeks since I've made some major changes and adopted a new healthier way of living... and it's time to update.

Things are going GREAT!  I'm still using this website to track calories... and it's been so helpful!  I have about 12 friends on there as well (including my mom) and we all support and encourage each other.  It's definitely helped with my motivation not to binge on junk knowing that if I do, they'll all see. Haha.

Another place I'm getting support from friends is in a group on facebook called "Losing It".  Some of my mom friends started it and we're doing weekly weigh ins, sharing recipes, encouraging and supporting goals, giving advice and just being there for each other to vent to.  It's fantastic!

The cleanse that I used was awesome.  It was 2 days of drinks (2 a day) and 7 days of pills (4 pills a day) while eating a healthy diet of organic fruits and veggies, extra fiber and lean meats.  The first day of detoxing was tough... my back was aching (lower intestines detoxing), my muscles were tight (muscle tissue detoxing) and I felt flu-ish (another common detox symptom).  I was so glad to feel awful though... because that meant it was working!  On the third day I started feeling great: more energy, no headaches (I was having them nearly every day before the cleanse), and I got a fresh start on my healthier eating.  My digestive system has been working more efficiently and I FEEL healthy.

I've been reading the book that I mentioned before, Made to Crave, and it has been LIFE CHANGING!  It has completely changed the way I feel about food and I have absolutely no desire to go back to my old eating habits.  I know I'm made for more than that.  If you are a Christian woman struggling w/ food issues... READ THIS BOOK!

Another motivator for me has been the health of my husband and daughter.  I feel great feeding them fresh produce and lean meats and having them love it!  Abby and I went grocery shopping yesterday and she was so excited to buy more "bloccolli" and "geen beans".  We've been having fruit smoothies instead of ice cream, cantalope and grapes instead of cookies, cucumbers and carrots instead of crackers and chips... and nobody has had a single complaint.  Even when we do indulge in a chip, we've made healthier choices there as well by buying whole grain chili-flavored rice chips instead of doritos and sticking to serving sizes.

Abby is also GREAT at motivating you to exercise.  This weekend Mike was sick with the flu, so he kept to the bedroom and it was mostly Abby and myself hanging out.  Saturday morning we found a 20 minute cardio workout video on demand and decided to give it a try.  It was circuit training with jumping jacks, drop lunges, punches, twists, etc.  Abby did every single move right along with me and was repeating the ladies on the tv by telling me "dig deep, mama!" and "keep going!".  It was precious, healthy and motivating! She's going to be my permanent workout buddy.  She was asking for "more ex-a-size" all day. I can't wait until warmer weather so that we can start walking to the park by our house again.

Sooo... at the end of two weeks I'm down another few pounds (13 total) and my clothes are fitting MUCH better.  I was so excited to pull a shirt out of the dryer the other day that used to be tight and fitted and have it fit loose and comfortably.  I also feel a ton healthier.  I ran up the stairs at work the other day and wasn't even short of breath... where in the not too recent past I would WALK up the stairs and be huffing and puffing.

I'm extremely proud of how far I've come, and though I have a long road to go before I'll be satisfied with my weight and size... I know this journey is about so much more than that.

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