Snow is a Four Letter Word

Winter in Bucks County, PA. Ugh! I'm so fed up with snow and ice and all things frozen.  Part of my husbands job is working in snow removal and groundskeeping for a big insurance company... which so far this winter has resulted in him spending DAYS at a time away from us.  I remember previous winters being rough and having him gone for a few long stretches, but this year definitely tops them all.  He almost didn't make Abby's birthday party because there was a storm a few days before and he worked 30+ hours straight.  He got to come home a few hours before the party started and ended up having to sleep through the second half of the party anyway.  Now I just got a phone call from him that ANOTHER ice/snow storm is coming and he has to report back to work at midnight tonight and isn't expecting to come home until Wednesday. *sigh* It's just really getting me down today.  I daydream about a warm spring day where we can wear tshirts and shorts and play on the swings at the park... a day where my husband is home with his family and not thoroughly exhausted from being overworked.  Warm weather can't come soon enough!

I was talking to my boss about the impending storm and how I wasn't looking forward to it and he forwarded me an email that his wife sent to him entitled "For Those of You That Have Been Complaining About the Recent Snow"... it was a bunch of pictures like this:

That is just insanity! I don't know how people actually survive in places like this.  My friend Erica lives in MN and has such a good attitude about the snow and cold weather.  Her thank you cards from her wedding had a picture of her and her hubby (in full bridal gown and tux) ice fishing. Clever and adorable!

Anyway, I guess I'll just prepare to hunker down with Abby and Roxie, try to avoid cabin fever, and ride out this storm as well. Oh! Amusing side note about Roxie... she CANNOT handle this weather.  Her poor little paws have been bleeding from having to go outside to "do her business".  I had to buy snow boots... for my dog. LOL! I cannot wait until they arrive so that I can take hilarious pictures of her wearing her boots. :)

Have a great day everyone... stay warm and dry!

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