Weekend Wrap Up!

It's been a while since I posted a weekend wrap up. We were so busy from October through the start of January that we had something exciting to do (and post about) pretty much every weekend. Since then life has (thankfully) slowed down a bit and we spend our weekends relaxing as a family, catching up on chores, going to church (when nobody is sick) and trying to avoid cabin fever.  This weekend things were busy and fun... a welcome distraction from the winter blues. :)

Friday I wasn't feeling well in the morning so I called out of work.  I kept Abby home with me and we spent the day watching movies, making Valentine crafts and having mommy/baby time.

One of Abby's custom made masterpieces. :)

Saturday, Abby and I met up with my friend Karen and her daughter, Madison, for a girls lunch. We went to Red Robin and had a blast.  The girls were so cute together hugging and chatting and it was great to catch up with Karen, who we don't see nearly enough! Regretably, I didn't take any pictures this time. Boo!

After lunch my sister dropped off my nephew, Aiden, and I took both kids to our cousin Tori's 4th birthday party!  It was a paint your own pottery place called Color Me Mine.  The kiddos had a great time and were on their best behavior... I was so proud.

Abby and Aiden painting their car and dinosaur banks. Fun!

My little angel baby made it through the entire busy day with no nap, so she conked out early and husband and I enjoyed a movie and some wine. <3

During the weekend I also made a big pot of chili and some corn muffins, which we all enjoyed while watching the Superbowl on Sunday. Gotta love those commercials!

...and as promised... I'll leave you with some pictures of Roxie in her hilarious new boots.  Have a great week, everyone!

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