We're Taking Over the Neighborhood!

I have some exciting news to share with everyone... my baby sister and her family have moved in next door to us!

Erica, Shawn and their kiddos (Aiden and Shawn Jr) are now only a fence and a driveway away... and we've been having a blast! Aiden and Abby have spent a ton of time playing in our backyard with Roxie, and Mike and I went over for some cards and hanging out one night last weekend. It's already been a big convenience too... Erica locked her keys in her car a few nights ago and I was able to run her over her spare without even having to change out of my jammies! Then yesterday Mike ran over and watched the boys for a bit while Erica was at work and Shawn had to run an errand. Here are some pictures of the kiddos hanging out during moving day...

 Aiden coaching Abby on how to hold a bat properly

 The Abster hitting a home run

 Baby Shawn chowing down on some pizza crust

 Aiden "Lightening McQueen is on the phone!"  Abby: "Hello Mr. Queen."

 Taking a ride around the yard

...and for good measure, my little lovebugs playing together. :)

Welcome (back) to the neighborhood, Erica and family!!!

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