Blessed With An Angel

My heart and soul

My sweet little baby girl made my heart melt with absolute love and absolute sorrow tonight.  

First you need the back story... we spent last weekend at my parents house and while Abby and her cousin, Aiden, were watching a movie together in the dark, I was walking down the hardwood stairs. Since it was dark I couldn't see where I was going and I thought I was at the bottom well before I was... and I fell down about six steps, hurting both ankles.  I landed on the ground, screamed in pain, and started crying. My husband, dad, mom, Abby and Aiden all came running... when Abby and Aiden heard me crying and saw me on the floor they both started crying hysterically. I sent my dad to comfort them while my husband helped me over to the couch and after icing my ankle and hobbling around for a couple days, I'm 90% better.  

Fast forward to tonight, four entire days later.

Abby and I are laying in bed together saying prayers and singing goodnight songs.  She is quiet for a few moments and just looking at me.  She reaches over and rubs my shoulder very gently and says to me, "You fall down at Grandmom's house?" I said "Yes, I fell down the stairs, but I'm ok now."  

She thinks about that for a minute and says to me, "I was so sad.  Aiden was sad too."  I said, "I know that you were scared when mommy fell down, but I'm all better now. You don't have to worry."

She just keeps staring at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and a serious expression on her face. "Abby was so sad, Mom. You got boo-boos." I said to her, "I know, baby, but boo-boos heal and mommy is all better now." 

My angel looked at me and said "Ok Mom. Don't get no more boo-boos. I was sad."  Then she popped in her binky, grabbed her stuffed bunny, snuggled up against me and fell asleep.

I'll try my best, baby girl... because making you sad is the LAST thing I ever want to do.

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  1. THAT is soooo sweet! C saw me crying the other day and offered me his coveted pretzels.. I was so happy that i ate them even though I don't really like pretzels.