Opposites Attract

I have always considered myself a "glass half full" type of person. I try and see the best in every situation and put a good spin on almost anything.  I focus on what I already have... not what I'm missing.  My husband, however, is a "glass half empty" type of person.  He is always pointing out the "what if" in a situation and preparing for the worst so that he can be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't happen. We balance each other.

Recently, I was amused to see these viewpoints apply to us in the literal sense as well. When my husband has half a tank of gas in his car he thinks "I better fill up... my tank is half empty." He hates having a half empty tank. Meanwhile, when I see that I have a half tank of gas, I'm excited about it! I think, "Whoo hoo! My tank is still half full! I have plenty of gas to do what I need to do."

Little things like this amuse me. :)

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