Fantastic Weekend!

This weekend was awesome. It was, literally, my ideal family weekend that I always envision during the week when I'm sitting at work pining for Friday evening to arrive.

The awesomeness started Thursday evening when Mike and I took Abby and Roxie for a family walk. In the past our rare "walks" usually consist of me pushing Abby in the stroller (or holding her hand) and Mike walking 10+ feet in front of us with Roxie, straining at her leash to run.  There usually isn't much talking going on. This time we all took a nice leisurely stroll together and chatted the whole time. After the walk Abby got to take a bath with her new tub crayons and markers.  It was such a nice night and really set the tone for a great weekend

Friday night after work we had some friends over that we haven't seen in ages, Cheryl and Chris!  It was great to catch up and kick back and relax.  Abby was her usual social self and had a blast.  When she woke up Saturday morning the first thing she did was run out to the living room and then ask me "Where did the people go?"

Saturday morning Mike had to work, so it was just Abby and I.  We lounged around for a bit and Abby found her old flower girl basket from our wedding.  She broke one of her Lei necklaces open and filled the basket with flowers, wanting to play "flower girl, mama! Like in the weddin'!" (I was so impressed that she remember what to do, being that she was only 20 months old in our wedding last August)

Abby playing Flower Girl

After a few dozen games of that, we broke out the art box.  We created some masterpieces with glue sticks, foam, craft sticks, and construction paper and then stumbled upon some long forgotten body paint sticks!  Abby got it in her head that she wanted me to paint "zebra feet" on her... so we gave it our best shot, decorating each others feet.

Zebra feet!

While sorting through our art supply box Abby found a bunch of old disposable placemats.  I told her that we used to take them to restaurants with us when she was a baby so that her food wouldn't touch the table. That must have put an idea in her head, because when Mike got home from work she ran up to him and told him that we wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch.  This was the first time that she's actually ASKED to go out to eat, so we hopped in the car and headed over to Friendlys.  It was a blast! Abby did a great job of cleaning her plate (she practically licked it clean) and we all had ice cream for dessert.  When we got home it was time for a nap, naturally.  After crashing out on the couch for a bit Abby and I ended up next door at my sister, Erica's, house (while Mike got to relax with his new video game), where we sat out on the porch for hours just enjoying the nice weather and playing with the kiddos. 

Aiden (sad clown) and Abby (nerdy toddler) being goofballs.

Abby and Aiden dancing and apparently getting married. LOL!

When it got close to bedtime we headed home, cleaned up, got in our jammies and settled in for Abby's current favorite movie... Monsters vs. Aliens.

Sunday morning I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast and we got dressed and headed out to do some shopping.  There was a sale at Big Lots that Mike really wanted to take advantage of, so that's where we ended up.  We checked out some furniture (we found a sectional that we really liked and bunk beds for Abby's room, which she fell IN LOVE with) that we may end up purchasing with some extra tax money.  Abby ended up with a new ballerina barbie and her first pair of kiddie scissors!  After shopping we stopped by Kristy and Eric's house to drop something off and spent an hour or so playing with Jack, Adam, and Lucy.

Abby's adorable cousins... Adam, Lucy, Jack

By the time we left it was well past lunchtime, almost naptime, and were all starving.  So we grabbed some Subway and headed home.  Usually Abby will only eat the pizza from there but this time she asked for a sandwich!  She ended up getting a kids meal with a turkey sub (loaded w/ veggies), apple slices, and chocolate milk.  I was majorly impressed with how well she ate her sandwich, being that this was her first time ever agreeing to even try one! Then Abby and I both had a looong nap.  When we woke up she wanted to practice cutting with her new scissors and did a fantastic job.  I know, from teaching preschool for a million years, that learning to cut is a difficult process for a lot of kids... but Abby managed to grasp the concept pretty quickly. My little smarty pants. :)  As the day finally wore down we watched a movie I've been wanting to see, Water For Elephants.  The book was fantastic (one of my favorites) and I have to say that I thought the movie did a great job of portraying the story exactly as I imagined.

Our weekend was a great mix of family time, relaxing, friends, yummy food, fun and great weather.  I was a little sad to go to bed last night, officially putting to an end our lovely little weekend, but I'm already looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend that awaits us at the end of this week!

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