The 3 F's

Friendship, feet and fish... what do all of these things have in common? They are involved in sweet and humerous stories about my daughter that I want to share!

Friendship:  Abby has come up with a new tactic to try and play on my emotions to get out of trouble.  Last week sometime we were playing and she said to me "You're my best friend!" which was sooo sweet, until she started calling EVERYONE her best friend. Haha. We were in line at Walmart and she said "Mom, that boy is my best friend" talking about the boy in the cart in front of us.  Then she told me the dog was her best friend later that day. 
However, she must have realized that I swooned when she said it to me the first time because last night when she was being threatened with the dreaded Time Out for misbehaving she jumped on my lap, grabbed my cheeks and pulled my face close to hers, and forcefully said to me "You can't be mad! You're my best friend and we have fun! I love you! You're my best friend!" Inside... I melted and wanted to cuddle and forget her bad behavior.  In reality? I said "I love you too, but you HAVE to listen when mommy tells you to do something, now go to your room!" Tears and angry stomping away ensued... but she got over it. :)

Feet:  Abby was sitting on my lap the other night while we were all lounging on the couch watching a movie when I had an itch on the top of my foot.  I asked my adoring husband to scratch it it for me since I couldn't reach and he said "eww... no. I don't want to touch your feet." Well apparently my little baby girl took HUGE offense to this.  She put on her angriest face, looked at her daddy, shook her finger at him and said "I love mommy's feet and mommy loves my feet!" Then she insisted on reaching over and rubbing my feet lovingly to prove this.  It was precious and hilarious. She was seriously steamed that her dad insulted my feet! (and I got a nice foot rub out of the deal. Ha!)

Fish:  My little munchkin is proving to be more like me with every day that passes.  Some background... I have always had a heart for weak and unfortunate animals.  When I was a kid my mom took me to the pet store to pick out a new pet and when I saw that they were about to feed a gerbil to the snakes, I was horrified! The gerbil had a broken foot and a broken tail and though they usually feed mice to the snakes, this guys day had come. Or so they thought! I adopted that little guy (named him Big Foot in honor of his broken appendage) and nursed him back to health. He lived a long life (for a gerbil) and at 27 years old, I still remember him fondly.
So... Abby and I were at PetSmart picking up a new bed for Roxie when Abby (as she always does) ran over to the fish and wanted to look at them.  She asked if we could take one home.  I said sure and took her over to the wall where they keep the Betta fish.  There are all kinds of GORGEOUS Betta's with bright red, blue and teal coloring and looong flowing fins.  What did my daughter pick?  The smallest, greyest, un-fancy Betta that she could find.  The thing looks like a guppy. I, of course, applauded her choice and home we went.  She ADORES this fish! She runs out and says good morning to it every morning and feeds it every night.  When someone comes to visit she grabs their hand and takes them over to meet her new fishy. It's precious and it melts my heart that she just might have inherited some of my finer qualities along with my *ahem* stubborness and clumsiness.

So that's that! I hope that everyone has a great weekend. :)

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