Family Man

As I sit here catching up on some late night television and watching my husband and daughter sleep next to me, I keep finding myself falling in love with my husband over and over again... and reflecting on how incredibly blessed I am to have him. 

Mike is mostly amazing.  I say mostly, because he is human and to err is human, but he is just SO darn good to us and always striving to be even better.  Throughout our relationship I have seen him change and grow up so much... from a young adult figuring out what he wants in life to the man that he is today... a man that knows what it means to be a husband and father... a man who works his butt off to be amazing at both. 

Today really stands out as an "amazing man" kind of day.  I got a flat tire on my way back to work from my lunch break.  Mike came by to look at it on his way home from work.  Even though he had just worked a full day and I'm sure would love nothing more than to head straight home, shower, and relax, he came to help me with absolutely no trace of negativity or annoyance.  I expected him to put on my spare (donut) and continue on his way... and I would drive home on the donut and we would deal with it tomorrow.  Well he did come by and put on the spare, but the next thing I know he's walking into my work and handing me the keys to his car.  He left me his car and took mine... he got four new tires put on, had an alignment done, and made sure I had what I needed to be safe and comfortable in my vehicle.  Then he WALKED home to wait for my car to be done. Before he left the garage he noticed that there were some tattoos on the counter with Mater and Lightening McQueen on them. (Abby is LOVING the movie Cars right now... of which Mater and McQueen are her favorite characters)  He was given a few to take home and accidentally left them on the counter.  Instead of waiting for all of us to go together to get my car, he made a point to get back to the garage first (and wait extra time) so that he could surprise Abby with the tattoos.

He's the kind of man that will go out of his way to make us smile... he'll do more than the minimum for his ladies... and though these may seem like "little things" to some, it's often the "little things" that matter the most.

Buying a new flavor of juice that he thinks I'll like, bringing home a small toy from Abby's favorite movie, switching the clothes from the washer to the dryer so that I can go to bed early, surprising me by leaving work to come to my doctors appointment with me... these are all little things that he's done recently that are so appreciated and show me how important our marriage and family are to him.

I love and adore you, Michael Hofmann, and I thank God for you every night.

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