Summer 2011

Summer 2011 is drawing to a close... kids and teachers are going back to school... the weather is SLIGHTLY cooling down (finally) and we have had a great time these last few months.  So great that I've totally neglected this blog. Yikes! So here is a brief recap of things we've done that haven't been posted...

 I've been exploring the crafty side of life... my business participated in an auction and did fairly well, I've been scrapbooking, playing with my sewing machine, creating nail art (ha!) and have invested in some yarn and knitting needles and I'm determined to make a blanket. 

 We haven't been able to spend NEARLY the amount of time that we would like outside as we've had weeks and weeks of horrible heatwaves... but when we were outside, we were playing with water. :)

 The in-laws had a great 4th of July party and Abby wore this adorable little patriotic number.

 Like I said... outside = water. 

 We had some fun visits from my parents... this is the crew at Red Robin. What a blast. :)

 Baby Shawn turned 1 and these two goofballs had a blast celebrating. (Baby Shawn is also walking now... watch out, world!)

 Since we have had to spend so much time indoors because of heat, we had to find new ways to entertain.  This game says it's for second grade and up, but Abby loves it. :)

 Since I'm so passionate about (and really enjoy) making most of our food from scratch, my parents got me this yogurt maker for my birthday. Awesome!

 Abby and I spent one Saturday making 5 dozen cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip) so that I could take some with me to a nursing home the next day and help out with a church service. It was so rewarding and inspiring. :)

 We had a BBQ for my 28th birthday... it was so much fun.

 Abby and her new buddy, Cole. They were adorable!

More happy party-goers. :)

So while this summer has been SUPER great, I'm super excited to start to settle into fall.  Cooler weather, hot chocolate, hoodies, leaves changing, cooking stews and soups, walks to the park... I can't wait. 


  1. Hi Nicole.
    It's my first visit to your blog...I didn't even know you had one. I'm so glad your summer has been filled with lots of fun, delicious food and happy memories. Life is certainly busy with a little one! Abby is so adorable, and getting so big!

    Thanks for your encouragement today. Your words mean a lot to me. I'm so blessed that God had our paths connect.

    I hope to see you soon.
    Love and prayers,