So I was waiting to post about our vacation until I got the rest of the pictures from someone (ahem *dad* ahem) but that hasn't happened... so I will just have to bring my laptop up to the mountains next time and steal them myself. :)

We spent a long weekend up at my parents house on Lake Wallenpaupack last month and it was ah-mazing.  Everything we used to do as "tourists" back in the day and much more.  Relaxing, food, family, friends, fun... it doesn't get any better. 

 Abby was pretty sure that she was going to be the one driving the boat. :) She was so brave and daring, this child! A few weeks before this vacation she and I got on a huge tube and got pulled behind the boat, the whole time I'm holding on for dear life and trying to lay on top of her to hold her down and she's screaming "faster! I want to go faster!" My sister took a picture of us on her cell phone and I'm hoping that one day she'll send it to us. ;)

 Speaking of her bravery... my daughter would LIVE on this jet-ski if she could. Weeks later she still talks about "going faster on pop-pops jet ski". 

We roasted marshmallows over the fire one night and Abby had her first smore.  Her reaction?
"Whoa. This is good!" 

 Our vacation time fell in line perfectly with the "world famous" (not really) Tafton Outing.  What a blast! Beer, music, games, clams, face painting and glitter tattoos (as you can see on my daughter)

 The weather was gorgeous and we spent plenty of time swimming in the lake.  Abby told us that she was a "super fish" and didn't want anyone to hold her in the deep water. She wanted to swim by herself. (so proud!) 

 The boat had this effect on her every time... and has since she was a little baby. <3
*side note... see that pasty white skin on my leg and the leggings above it? Yeah... that made for a NICE tan line...which is still prominent a month later. Nice.*

 My hubs and our pooch relaxing.  This was after we got back to the house from our "date night".  Mike and I got to go out and play pool at a local bar and have a few beers. It was so great!

 The boat working it's magic again. Hehe.

 We visited a "zoo" (I use that word lightly... there was a fox with three legs limping around and all of the animals had mange) and all Abby wanted to see was the giraffe.  We showed her an elephant... "can I see the giraffe?"  We showed her a bear... "can I see the giraffe?"  We got to the giraffe enclosure and he was in his house. Crap.  Luckily he must have known he had a fan awaiting him, since he literally RAN out of his house and right over to Abby, even lowering his head enough for her to pet him. It was so cool!

 She also enjoyed petting the food-stealing goats. 

We spent plenty of time on the water, took a trip to the blueberry farm, spent an evening at an engagement party (Congrats Liz and Jace!) and it was everything I wanted out of a vacation and more. Thanks so much to my amazing parents for having us.   We're hoping to make it up again one more time before it gets too cold to enjoy the water sports.  LOVE YOU!!!

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