Dog Biscuits

It's a rainy Saturday and my husband is working, which just leaves me and Abby at home, stuck in the house.  After puzzles, painting, barbies and a movie we were running out of ideas.  One of our favorite mommy/daughter things to do is bake.  However, we have plenty of goodies in the house right now and I started Weight Watchers last week, so I didn't want to make anything tempting.  Enter: Dog Biscuits!  Why not bake for our favorite four-legged family member? So I googled some recipes and we decided on this one: Everyday Dog Biscuits.  We followed the directions to make the dough, rolled it out...

 ...and got busy!  Abby decided that Roxie would like snowflake shaped biscuits. (I also noticed that we are running very low on cookie cutters. Our choices were snowflakes or gingerbread men. This must be remedied!)

These were the biscuits right before we put them in the oven
 One satisfied customer.

The Dog Biscuits turned out very dense and crunchy, exactly what we were hoping for!  It was cheap, simple, easy and made enough biscuits to fill an entire gallon bag to the very top.

Oh and as a bonus.... Abby drew an awesome self-portrait on her drawing board today!

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