Blessings: Day 3

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I'm going to make a post every day of November saying what blessing I'm especially thankful for that day.

Today, November 3rd 2011:

Today I'm thankful for my health. I know, I know... I'm usually complaining about my health. I have Fibromyalgia, Cluster Headaches, Hypothyroidism and assorted other ailments. However, none of my problems are degenerative and all are controlled by medication, for the most part. For this I'm very thankful. Before my Thyroid problem was discovered all signs were pointing towards Muscular Sclerosis (MS). I did a lot of research and familiarized myself with this condition. While MS was ruled out for me, it's a reality for a lot of other people. I want to do what I can to help.

Tomorrow (Friday 11/4/11) I'm having an auction on my business fan page. The auction will run from Friday at noon until Saturday at 10pm. 100% of the proceeds will go to the MS Society. There are 40+ items to bid on and lots of businesses to check out.

Look for the auction album at:


  1. Hey how are those cluster headaches going anyway? Have they died down at all?

  2. Thanks for checking on me, K8! Yes... thank GOD that this cycle is over. It lasted almost 3 weeks and was my longest cycle yet. Those injections that I gave myself really did the trick when one hit, so I stocked up on them should I get into another cycle any time soon.