Blessings: Day 9-18

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I'm going to make a post every day of November saying what blessing I'm especially thankful for that day.

Today, November 18th, 2011:
I'm behind again (shocking, right?) but I'm determined to have something for every day this month, so here goes...

#9. I'm thankful for my amazing mother.  She is someone I have always looked up to and someone I'm still inspired by to this day.  My mom is loving, giving, genuine, funny, honest, tell-it-like-it-is, strong, dependable, smart, business-savvy and beautiful.  

#10. I'm thankful for my daddy.  He has always had high expectations and pushed me to reach them. He is the kind of man that will keep you grounded while encouraging you to reach for the stars.  He's smart, handy, loyal, family-oriented, protective, dependable and fun. 

#11. I'm thankful for animal advocates.  I deeply admire and respect those who are able to care for and speak for these creatures that so desperately need our help. There is one rescue in particular that I hold dear to my heart: For Bunny Sake

#12. I'm thankful for technology. Internet, Facebook, blogging, email, online schooling, DVR, cable tv, iPad, smart phones... I love and use them all.

#13. I'm thankful for my in-laws. I really hit the jackpot marrying into a family that I love and genuinely enjoy spending time with. They are there for us whenever we need them and I can't imagine anyone being more devoted to family.

#14. I'm thankful for my nephews and niece on both sides.  Jack, Aiden, Adam, Shawn and Lucy... they are all so fun, so adorable, so loving and I love the relationship that Abby has with all of them.

#15. I'm thankful for chardonnay. Haha. Rough day yesterday and that glass of wine after dinner was just the right thing.

#16. I'm thankful for friends that I make at work... Cheryl, Karen, Gloria, Ekaterina, Jen, Maryann, Amy... just a sampling of the people who were once only coworkers (and some of those jobs were long ago) and are now real friends.

#17. I'm thankful for the little things that help brighten my day... writing with a pink pen, neon green sticky notes, the pictures of my family at my desk, surprise donuts brought in by a visiting accountant... it's the little things that make the difference.

#18. I'm thankful for YOU... the people that read my blog... and I'm thankful that one day I'll be able to print this blog out and share it with my daughter.

PHEW! That was a lot of catching up. Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. this is super sweet!! Abby is getting sooo big! Half the time I don't even recognize her when you post pics! You make a beautiful family!