The Christmas Holiday 2011

Abby and Santa 2011
 December really flew by for us!  We had a ton of fun preparing for the holiday and did all kinds of crafts, singing, cooking, and  going on light rides. We have some truly amazing light displays in our area and we took advantage of them a few times this year. We also had a new friend come and stay with us all through the holiday season.... the "Elf on a Shelf"! He arrived the day after Thanksgiving and spent every day watching over Abby and reporting back to Santa every night.  The extra fun part was that when he came back in the morning, he was in a new spot every day! He was a tricky one... showing up hanging from the tv, riding in the barbie car, leaving little gifts, coloring pictures.  The Elf was LOVED and we were all a little sad when on Christmas Eve he rode back to the north pole with Santa. We can't wait to see him next year!

So proud of her gingerbread masterpiece.
 We worked together to create a very cool gingerbread house! Abby had a blast and did a fantastic job decorating. It only took a few days for the house to mysteriously start "losing" pieces.

This is the picture that we used on our Christmas card this year.
Abby with her doll in their matching dresses made by my friend Ann.   


Opening gifts at my grandparents house

It cracks me up when these two pose for pictures together... they ALWAYS make the same face!

My beautiful mama cooking the crabs and spaghetti for our traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner. Yum!!!

My handsome hubby enjoying the festivities

Spaghetti and a banana? Sure, why not. :)
Me and the munchkin, waiting for hubby to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" like he does every year.

Santa was very generous...

Santa's helper hard at work building a special gift for a special little girl.

Santa was very good to this little cutie!

Barbie house!

Christmas Day is a special day for another little cutie... we celebrated our niece Lucy's first birthday!

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