Fertility Specialist (TMI for those not interested in this kind of thing) **UPDATED**

After our miscarriage in February we figured it was a fluke.  A blighted ovum, as my OB said, rarely occurs more than once and 99% of women go on to have a normal pregnancy right after... so when we got another positive test in June we were excited! We were due on Valentines Day 2013 and I started dreaming about the future.  A few short weeks later we miscarried again.  I spoke to my OB and they referred us to a reproductive specialist to see what was wrong.  We had our first consultation on 7/19/12 and spent an hour or so going through a very detailed medical history with the doctor, having some blood-work done (OK a LOT of blood-work) a full physical and an internal ultrasound to check out my uterus and ovaries.  All looked healthy enough and I had a large follicle on my left ovary, indicating I would be ovulating on that side this month.  I went back on 7/23/12 for another ultrasound and blood-work to keep monitoring.  The results were that my follicle was "beautiful" and my "estrogen was rising nicely" meaning that we were close to ovulation. The Dr wanted a further detailed look inside my uterus to make sure that there was no scarring left from my miscarriages, so we scheduled a hysteroscopy (a minor outpatient procedure done at their KOP surgical center) for the next day.  The results of the hysteroscopy were that I have "the cleanest uterus I've ever seen".  (Thanks, I try. ha ha.) We were going to use a trigger shot of Ovidrel to force ovulation (a theory is that my follicle is holding onto the egg for too long and when it finally releases it, it's already "old" and needs to be released sooner) but we are still waiting for some blood-work to come back about auto-immune disorders that may be causing my body to attack the pregnancies (Lupus specifically) and I naturally ovulated in the mean time... meaning we've missed our window of opportunity for this month.  As long as my blood-work comes back clean of Lupus, we're going to do some more ultrasounds and blood-work to track things next month and adding Clomid to that cycle was mentioned.  So please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers for this next cycle. We are eager and excited to hopefully add to our family in the near future.

UPDATE 9/14/12:

Well we ended up having an IUI done after using clomid and a self injection of ovidrel... I started using progesterone suppositories to help maintain a pregnancy if one should happen.  The IUI worked and we conceived... but I'm going to lose this pregnancy at the EXACT same time that I lost the last two.  It's ectopic (the fertilized egg implanted in my fallopian tube instead of my uterus) and my hcg count is already falling.  I have more appointments for next week to make sure I don't need surgery to remove the pregnancy before it ruptures my tube, and then I'm going to insist on more testing before we TTC again. Please keep us in your prayers. 

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  1. Nicole my heart breaks for you. Although I haven't had the miscarriages, I have had a struggle with infertility for a long time. It's very stressful on your nerves, your wallet, your marriage and your sex life. My advice to you is if something doesn't work keep it moving onto the next thing. If you aren't getting the results you want go get a different dr. Good luck and you have my number if you need it.